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Our cause

The founding principles

Finestida LLC was founded to encourage and support women's academic success. As university graduates and parents of young girls we want to promote the benefits of higher education to them and help people who are already pursuing these goals as role models for our children.

In order to help women succeed in their academic endeavors, Finestida LLC designs and manufactures luxury cosmetics using safe, pure, sustainable and ethical ingredients. The products are primarily sold by student affiliates who will get 51% of the product sales price and thus are provided with significant, much-needed additional income. We also issue financial grants to promising young students regardless of their affiliation with Finestida LLC.

Cost of education

The cost of education has been increasing rapidly and students everywhere are facing financial problems while trying to finish their degrees. National student loan debt is at an all-time high and there are about 40 million Americans with student loans at the moment. In 2015, the average student loan debt for people graduating was over $35,000. Drop-out rates from colleges and universities due to financial reasons are very high nationwide and 25% of people with student loans are either in delinquency or default on their loans. Unfortunately many young women also end up falling victims of illegal pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing scams where they actually end up losing both their time and money when trying to make ends meet.

How you can help

There are many ways anyone can participate in helping our cause. We'd be honored if you'd share information about our cause, our products and our website with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. If you know of students that would appreciate additional income, please suggest they contacted us. If you have good candidates for receiving a Finestida LLC academic financial grant, please feel free to send us your suggestion. And always the easiest way to support women's academic education is to purchase a product from our student affiliates, who'll get over half of the sales price.

If you are interested in selling Finestida products, please get in touch with us. If you want to learn more about being an affiliate, read our blog post that comes with a student's point-of-view.

If you'd like to help our cause otherwise, please send us your contact information and we'll get back to you to discuss how we can work together to help young people succeed.

Our cause: Our Products
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