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Safe ingredients

Our approach

When selecting ingredients for our products we want to ensure that they are safe, pure and suitable for body care. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that all our ingredients have been sustainably grown or harvested and produced ethically so that neither people nor nature have been exploited. Please visit our ever-growing list of Finestida Ingredient Highlights to learn more about the benefits, origin and features of each of them.

One of our sources for deciding whether a product is safe is the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. EWG uses studies and research from US, Europe and the rest of the world and takes into consideration both the ingredient's short and long term effects on an individual as well as the planet. We have chosen to only use ingredients that get a green rating from EWG. Green ingredients and products have a hazard score of 0, 1 or 2 which means they are considered to be safe for people and the environment.

Organic, natural and man-made ingredients

We use organic ingredients whenever they are the best overall choice. Sometimes we find that e.g. a locally available conventional ingredient has a smaller carbon footprint and/or is grown using more sustainable farming methods. We believe that the safety of our products needs to start from the very beginning and we research how ingredients are grown and processed before we approve them to be included in Finestida products.

Sometimes we choose to use ingredients that are man-made to complement the natural ingredients that make up most of our products. There are several reasons for it. Sometimes a natural ingredient can have a big environmental footprint whereas a synthetic replacement offers same results with fraction of the impact on the planet. Sometimes the word "natural" is used in a misleading manner. An ingredient can be made both from a plant or synthetically, but if the end-result is the exact same chemical with identical profile, then we choose the one that has a smaller footprint on our planet.

Some lab-created ingredients have no equivalent in the nature but if its safety, properties and skin-feel can lift a great product to amazing we may add it to products that would benefit from it. When using synthetic ingredients we use the same criteria as we use with all our ingredients when deciding whether it's safe, sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound.

Because we always want to know what exactly is in our products, we never use fragrances. Fragrance manufacturers do not have to disclose what their products are made of, and hence they could include potentially allergenic or non-sustainable ingredients. This should be needless to say in this day and age but to confirm, Finestida also does not use ingredients that have been tested on animals and we do not test our products on animals, either. For the same reason we don't make statements like "This product does not contain (some bad ingredient)" - anyone who still puts harmful chemicals into cosmetics products should take a step back and reconsider their impact to the health of their customers and that of the nature.


Finestida does not currently offer lotions as we are still looking for a preservative that would be safe and effective to preserve a lotion sufficiently. When a new preservative that meets our standards becomes available, we will add lotions and other water-based emulsions into our product list.


We recommend everyone to research the cosmetics industry and decide whether the ingredients in the product you'd like to use are safe for you personally and good for the planet. Talking to your personal licensed health care provider and visiting the EWG Skin Deep database are good places to start.

Safe ingredients: Our Products
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