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Sustainable packaging for sustainable skincare

Updated: May 9, 2019

When choosing packaging for our products we considered many different aspects, especially environmental impact and carbon footprint and ways to minimize them. We wanted the containers to be light-weight to use the least amount of energy when shipping them to our customers. They also needed to be safe, easily recyclable and reusable. Being easy on the eye was a deciding factor as well.

Benefits of aluminum

We compared glass, wood, plastic and aluminum for their properties. After careful evaluation we chose brushed aluminum jars and bottles that of course look absolutely beautiful but also are the most sustainable and ecological choice. Aluminum is stronger than plastic or glass so less material is needed and it is more durable. Industrial recycling of aluminum is well-organized and energy-efficient and it takes about 5% of the energy needed to make the same amount of new aluminum from raw materials. There is no other comparable packaging material that would be as efficient and inexpensive to recycle. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely with no loss in integrity so when properly recycled by consumers, communities can save huge amounts of waste added to landfills.

Upcoming recycling program

The jars and bottles we use are non-reactive, which means they will not degrade or pick up scents; thus they are perfect for reusing. Finestida is planning to roll out a recycling program in the near future. We will start accepting your used containers back in return for a discount on Finestida products. We will then thoroughly sanitize and relabel them for reuse, thus significantly lowering our environmental footprint caused by packaging. Specific details on the program coming soon.

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