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Dry Shampoo. What is it?

When to use dry shampoo

It sometimes happens that you don't have time to wash/dry/style your hair, but you need to look your best. Be it an important meeting after a morning gym session, last minute hot date or an ad hoc movie night with your girlfriends. That's when dry shampoo can come to the rescue. In a fraction of a time it would take you to get in the shower and afterwards wait for the hair to dry, you can create voluminous hair that looks and smells clean. Besides saving time, you're also saving water and money.

How dry shampoo works

Dry shampoo uses starch-based active ingredients to soak up sweat and oil from your scalp, leaving you with hair that has more bounce. Activated charcoal deodorizes and essential oils add a hint of freshness. Finestida Waikiki Wind dry shampoo also contains lemon essential oil that helps blonde hair stay light. Brazil Breeze dry shampoo is a darker powder making it suitable for brown and black hair.

Some of the ingredients in our dry shampoos are also water-activated, so they will give a boost to your regular shampoo by nurturing your hair and scalp while you shower.

How to use Finestida dry shampoo

Dry shampoos can be aerosols or fine shaking powders. The former often contain propellant gas, plus alcohol that can be too drying and lead to hair breakage.

That's why we formulated our dry shampoos to be shaken, not sprayed. You can use them any time your hair feels a little limp or doesn't feel fresh. Finestida dry shampoos come in a convenient shaker-top bottle. If it's your first time using and you're not sure of how much to shake, open the top only half-way and start with a half shake to your roots. Massage with fingertips, and thoroughly brush through. Depending on the thickness of your hair and the level of oil, you may need to add another shake and work it in. Style as usual, or just flip your head down, tousle the hair with hands, and go with a messy look that is fun and easy. You could be our the door in the time it would take your shower water to get hot. Don't let your hair hold your back, go out and have fun!

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